Michaela Sheranko

New England
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Michaela Sheranko Walz, also known as the musician Fleuke, is the artist who founded and created I Love The Way You Lyme. She has been suffering from symptoms from Lyme disease since 2008 but went undiagnosed until the beginning of 2017. Since her diagnosis she has seen multiple doctors and done various treatments, including stem cell treatment, ozone therapy and antibiotics. Now Michaela is continuing treatment with a holistic doctor as well as doing Neurofeedback and BRT to work through her chronic pain, trauma and neurological symptoms.

In addition to writing, recording and playing with her band, Michaela has started a small hand-dyed clothing line that she named Fleuke Apparel after har band as well as a blog with her husband called Between Two Walz.

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Michaela & her husband Andrew started a blog called Between Two Walz where they share their restoration projects from their boat to their home, as well as other projects.



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Michaela started her clothing line Fleuke Apparel in Fall of 2021 as a creative outlet.  She enjoys taking blank canvases and creating something new, as well as upcycling pre-loved items to give them a second life.

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