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Christa Nannos

Philadelphia, PA
Actor | Author | Health + Life Coach
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Christa Nannos is an actor, author, health & life coach and Lyme advocate. Christa became ill after a mission trip to Guatemala in 2009 and saw over 20 specialists for 10 years before getting correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2020. She silently suffered for over a decade but is no longer silent. Christa’s utilized both eastern and western medical treatments, with great success in some areas and great disappointments in others. But overall, parasite cleansing, hyperthermia, mold remediation, and energy healing helped Christa get her life back. 


Christa has finished most of her medical treatments, but has learned that healing is not linear, nor is it only physical. She believes one must address the mind, body, and spirit when healing from chronic illness. Christa is currently working on her limbic system to rewire her brain, address trauma, and keep up with parasite maintenance, but is thrilled to be living her life again. She became a certified Health and Life coach and launched her own business called Ignite Coaching with Christa, and now helps other people suffering from Lyme disease get their life back too.


This is Christa's short documentary teaser trailer on YouTube called “Chronically Christa: When Life Gives You Lyme” where you can watch her healing journey unfold. This is a glimpse into Christa's story that she hopes will be inspiration to others going through the same thing and will provide raise awareness about the invisible illness that is Lyme disease.

Christa's book

Christa wrote the Best-Selling Lyme book, “Tick Tock, It’s LYME O’clock” and is making it a mission in her life to help people reclaim their health and happiness. Her book is written from the perspective of a warrior for a warrior as well as anyone wanting to be an ally.

Christa wrote her book during the midst of her recovery and is focused on helping others side-step the trials she faced, as well as uncovering shortcuts to feeling better! Christa’s hope is that this book will provide a new perspective on healing when all hope seems lost.

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Christa graduated as a Health Coach from Trinity School of Natural Health and as a Life Coach from The Academy of Applied Psychology. With her experience, best selling book, and education, her knowledge and positive attitude will transform your life. Healing is hard, but you don't have to do it alone.

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"Castor oil packs were a game changer in my healing journey. This gentle liver detox helps with bowel movements, bloating, sleep, and stress. I love Queen of the Thrones packs because they aren't messy and you can sleep in them. These packs helped me so much when parasite cleansing too."


"This podcast features doctors and Lyme warriors who are in treatments and/or in remission, and listening to their stories helped me connect so many dots when I was first diagnosed. I was also honored to be on this podcast two times to share my healing journey and the launch of my Lyme book."

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"I had a severe flare up of possibly MCAS (no one could determine what it was) and experienced anaphylaxis symptoms for few months with no help from doctors. This is when I learned how powerful our minds are, and I fell into meditating every day which eventually alleviated most of those symptoms. I truly believe our bodies are capable of healing, and reprograming our subconscious minds for health and happiness is so important."

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