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Renee leea Marsden

Nashville, TN

Renee is currently a model, actress, dance choreographer, and worship singer. Some of her former accolades include NHL cheerleader, actress in a lifetime movie, dancer in Vampire Diaries, back up dancer for Taylor Swift, and Miss Music Row for Miss TN for America (which she competed in while battling Lyme).

She spent years with unanswered health issues, but she still tried to live her life to the fullest. Renee went into crisis in 2016 and it was then that she was diagnosed with Lyme. She knew things were probably going to get much tougher and so she created a “Miracle List” to see that God was good even in suffering and to keep her hope and faith strong.

She battled from 2016-2021 the first few years mostly from bedrest with full time care from her family and daily suffering. She learned how to live life differently and even live with purpose from her bed. Her faith in Jesus was her lifeline. She learned that she had value, could still make an impact, and find light in each day. She competed as Miss Music Row only a few months after being diagnosed with AE and even won the Community Service Award for the work she did to give back from bedrest. She partnered with a fashion line to create apparel that would speak life and raise money for Lyme patients to get treatment. She also shared a video diary on social media as well as hosted a round table discussion about Lyme disease to give hope to others on the same journey.

Renee is now living the full life she prayed and hoped for! She is enjoying being a newly married wife to Mike Marsden, leading worship together for celebrate recovery, and using her gifts and talents to make an impact on others. Renee is giving back from her journey and letting her suffering be used for good. She’s also excited about launching a project she has been working on since 2016! Stay tuned…

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renee's favorite finds


"This supplement is probably my fav that I recommend. It resolves the autoimmune response in the body. When I discovered I had autoimmune encephalitis, I was told to take this daily and more when needed in brain inflammation episodes. This was life giving for me! It has worked wonders for my neuro symptoms and when I went through autoimmune encephalitis this was something I took several times a day. This is my go to for all brain inflammation!"


"I still use these today! I struggle with absorbing nutrients because of gut health issues and so I love vitamin patches. I use the ones from “Patch MD”. I also love the fact that I don’t have to take as many supplements daily and now get a lot of what I need through a patch on my wrist."


"I used CBD for years to help my body heal. I used several brands and one that was considered top of the line and had a price tag to match. I ended up having seizure like episodes when I would take it and found out there were traces of arsenic in it! So while I was trying to detox and heal..arsenic was going in my body! Now I only use Green Compass and an affiliate because I know it’s organic from seed to soil to bottle and it has helped not only me, but my friends and family! It personally has helped me with inflammation, seizures, anxiety, migraines, gut issues, sleep, hormones, body pains, and more."

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