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why community is important

"When I was diagnosed in 2017, I didn't know anyone with Lyme disease which led me to feeling lost + alone. Once I started sharing my story, I started meeting others who had a similar journey to mine. A big part of my healing has been because of connecting with people who automatically understand the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual challenges that come with overcoming Lyme. Since then, I've gained many lifelong friendships as well as a support system."
Michaela Sheranko Walz | Fleuke
Creator of ILTWYL

location based groups


Engage with other community members right in your city!

Do you wish you had a friend that lives close to you + totally gets what you are going through

Have you been wanting to meet up with a friend for a green juice + vent?

We get it! Join the group closest to your location so you can start connecting with people who understand your battles and can be 

there to support you.

We could all use a little help from our friends! 

Our forum is a safe space to discuss topics having to do with the Lyme community.


Whether you need advice about an upcoming doctor's appointment or want to hear about other's treatment experiences - our forums are open for you. 

We ask everyone to be kind + considerate when sharing! 

explore our forum

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Discuss treatments, therapies, supplements + other helpful topics

we believe community is essential for

those overcoming lyme disease

This was our first iltwyl meet up in May 2018.
Our iltwyl group at our first iltwyl show in Nashville, TN.

Our community is safe place for individuals with Lyme disease. Please be respectful by only requesting to join if you have Lyme disease.

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