Lauren Murphree

Nashville, TN

Lauren was diagnosed with lyme when she was nine years old. She was treated with tons of antibiotics and slowly began functioning again. She was never told if it went into remission or not but it seemed pretty nonexistent during her teen years.

Then, she went to two foreign countries where she began experiencing debilitating pain which was the first of many symptoms she developed.

From 2012-2015, she was dismissed by the medical field and was told she was depressed and would eventually learn to live with the pain.

Lauren moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2015 to work with two lyme doctors where she experienced many breakthroughs with her health. She felt like a different person but could not financially keep up with the treatments.

After living in Canada for almost a year and her health declining again from new forms of treatment that her body reacted poorly to, she moved to Seattle to work with another naturopathic lyme specialist. She then went on to Germany and then worked with lyme specialists in Georgia & Tennessee where she got close to remission, but never fully.

It’s been an ongoing battle for Lauren that has not gone without scars. She’s had seasons where she could walk and others where she needed a wheelchair. Lyme has taken a massive toll on her brain & body.

Lauren has done countless antibiotics, ozone therapy, bee venom therapy, rife machine, LDI, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, LDN, disulfiram, IVs, enemas, colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, cryotherapy, and other things in hopes for a cure. Some treatments have given her debilitating side effects. She is not in remission yet and still has very difficult daily battles due to lyme but knows with all her heart that one day she will be fully healed.

Lauren currently resides in Nashville with her husband, Andy. She is an author, editor, chronic illness coach, and podcast host.

Pink Gradient

Lauren has been writing her first book over the last few years and was finally able to self-publish it in January 2021. She writes about “Finding God’s Faithfulness in Chronic Lyme”and shares her testimony how has she has continued to rely on God throughout her journey.

Pink Gradient


Earlier this year Lauren began a podcast where she gives those battling Lyme disease a platform to share their journey with others.