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New England
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Michaela Sheranko Walz, also known as the musician Fleuke, is the artist who created and founded the non-profit I Love The Way You Lyme (ILTWYL). She began suffering with pain as a teenager although her doctors believe she may have had Lyme and PANS/PANDAS since childhood. It wasn't until 2017 that Michaela was formally diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections. Since her diagnosis she has seen multiple doctors and done various treatments including stem cell treatment, ozone therapy, antibiotics, homeopathic, Neurofeedback and BRT. Presently Michaela is treating at The Sante Center in Hampton, NH to heal from her chronic pain, trauma and remaining neurological symptoms.

In addition to writing, recording and playing with her band, Michaela has started a small hand-dyed clothing line called Fleuke Apparel. She and her husband Andrew have recently begun sharing restoration projects on their blog called Between Two Walz while living on their boat Henrietta with their dog Boston.

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Michaela & her husband Andrew started a blog called Between Two Walz where they share their restoration projects from their boat to their home, as well as other projects.





Michaela started her clothing line Fleuke Apparel in Fall of 2021 as a creative outlet. She enjoys taking blank canvases and creating something new, as well as upcycling pre-loved items to give them a second life.

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Fleuke's favorite finds

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Lion's Mane

"I have been adding Lion's Mane into my morning drink because it is said that it helps heal nerve damage. My doctor's and I believe a good portion of my chronic pain is due to nerve damage so using this Lion's Mane powder is an easy way to incorporate it into my diet! I also like the added benefits it provides helping with focus - something I need a lot of help with!"


"This binder helped me SO much when I was having severe neurological Lyme episodes. Every time I felt an episode coming on or was already in one, I would take a few of these capsules to help bind the toxins so my body could detox them out"


"This book got me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I was down and out from a breakup while going through the lowest part of my Lyme journey. Having Lyme can feel super isolating at times, but this book helped reminded me I am loved."


enagic water machine

"Hydrogen rich Alkaline water (aka Kangen Water) has been a game changer for me! Prior to getting my Enagic machine, I was purchasing bottled Alkaline water from the store. My doctor at the time said it will assist detoxing while I am on treatment. For almost two years I spent money on Alkaline water but I didn't see any positive results nor did I feel any different. It wasn't until I got my Enagic machine that I felt the power of REAL Alkaline water. I immediately started detoxing like crazy and felt more energized because of it. I highly recommend investing in a Kangen water machine from Enagic as it saves money in the long run and has helped me immensely.

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"Agripset is a daily supplement for me! It assisted with getting rid of the Lyme in my brain and made me herx like crazy. My highest dose was 10 drops, 2x a day but I often had to take lower doses because it is so powerful. The best part is - it's so inexpensive! A true saver. When you try it, be sure to put it in juice. It's bitter like grapefruit but totally worth it."


"This book will forever be known as the fire lit under my bum! It's easy to find excuses not to pursue my passion and feel defeated with the pain, but this book reminded me that the only person stopping myself is ME. Accomplishing my dreams might look a little different than others, but after reading this book you'll want to go pick up your tool and get to work."


mud wtr

"Mud Wtr has become my favorite morning staple! I had to stop drinking coffee due to heart palpitations from Lyme and increased anxiety from the caffeine. Mud Wtr has 1/6th of the caffeine coffee has yet it still provides me with energy and focus. My favorite part of Mud Wtr is there is no "crash" like there is with coffee. Plus, it has great, clean ingredients that are all good for you! It's a win win in my book."


"I used this book "Hope When It Hurts" as a devotional during a point in my journey with Lyme where my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain felt unbearable. Reading each chapter felt like I was reading letters from friends who just got it. It's difficult to feel understand when you are in constant pain and fighting this disease so I highly recommend this book to help as you walk through your journey."

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