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Samantha bean

Franklin, TN
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Samantha Bean's journey with Lyme began in 2014. She barely knew anything about Lyme disease, but remembers getting a strange bite on her leg that summer, yet not the typical red ring. A few months later Sam began feeling off physically and started having severe sharp pains in her head. This resulted with Shingles in her ear and Bell's Palsy aka Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. She began the testing process and was diagnosed with Lyme. Throughout the years, Sam has been on antibiotics, anti-virals, supplements, etc. and she has gone to most of the doctors in her area. 


As far as treatment now, Sam has taken the knowledge that she has learned from the doctors throughout the years and by trial and error, applies these things to work for her body. For Sam,  this looks like being careful with what she eats, pacing her days, getting regular massages, staying away from certain chemicals and mold that causes her body to flare up.  She also tries to keep her stress levels low. 


Creativity is an exhale for Sam. She says, "I love getting lost in painting, photography, and making stuff. I’m feeling pretty good these days. Probably the best I have felt since getting lyme. I do have to say that I find refuge in Christ. I have discovered beauty and even strength when I am at my weakest and lowest because it is then that I am so needy for Him. I believe wholeheartedly that my neediness for Christ is my strength. I know it seems backwards, but it’s true. Well, that’s a little bit about me. I’d love to hear about you too!"

Light and Shadow

sam's favorite finds


"I put this into my bath to take out the chlorine. Baths really help with my pain & also great for relaxation & sleep. I also have a shower filter AND spray this on my body (mixed with water) before showering."


"A good devotion for the harder days."


"This is the clean green coffee that I use for the enemas."


"Heating pad for pain AND to help me sleep. Every night I heat this up & put it on whatever body part is hurting, usually my back. Brings me relief & relaxation before bed."


"Many of us with Lyme are super sensitive to chemically smells. Dryer sheets, perfumes, scented shampoos, sunscreen are all terrible for me personally. Since I've done away with these things I've had much less pain. I use an app called Think Dirty. You can type in different shampoos, cosmetics, laundry detergents & it’ll tell you the toxicity. A great resource. Get it on the App Store!"

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"All things Uncle Harry's!

Clean, non-toxic healing ingredients."


"This cold pack is good 20 minutes on/20 minutes off for joint inflammation and pain."

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"This recommendation isn’t for everyone! For me coffee enemas have been a wonderful addition to my health regimen. I do them 1-2 times a month."

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written By samantha

Afternoon Light

"There are 3 things that God has shown me when it comes to rejoicing in our sufferings that I’d like to share.

It’s a good & glorious thing to praise the Lord in the good times & to thank Him for the blessings He bestows upon us. BUT there’s something just sacred about praising & worshipping Him when we’re in pain & can’t see what’s on the other side on the mountain."

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