Samantha Bean


Franklin, TN
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Samantha Bean's journey with Lyme began in 2014. She knew hardly anything about Lyme disease, but she remembers getting a weird bite on her leg that summer, not the typical red ring. She showed it to a few friends who didn’t recognize the bite so she thought all was well & carried on with life. A few months later she began feeling off physically & having pretty severe sharp pains in my head that ended with shingles in my ear & bells palsy, aka Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. She got some testing done & sure enough it was Lyme. Throughout the years she has been on antibiotics, anti-virals, supplements, etc. and she has gone to most doctors in her area.


For her treatment right now she has taken a little knowledge from each of the doctors she has seen throughout the years & what is doing what she has found by trial & error works for her body by putting those things into action. For Sam it looks like being careful what she eats, pacing her days, getting regular massages, staying away from certain chemicals & mold that makes her body flare up, as well as keeping her stress levels low.


Creativity is an exhale for Sam. She says, "I love getting lost in painting, photography, & making stuff. I’m feeling pretty good these days. Probably the best I have felt since getting lyme. I do have to say that I find refuge in Christ. I have discovered beauty & even strength when I am at my weakest & lowest because it is then that I am so needy for Him and I believe wholeheartedly that my neediness for Christ is my strength. I know it seems backwards but it’s true. Well that’s a little bit about me. I’d love to hear about you too!"

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