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Fontaine | Saint Joan

Charleston, SC
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Fontaine, AKA Saint Joan, is a singer-songwriter who worked in the music industry in Los Angeles for a decade before falling ill in 2011. She was not properly diagnosed with Lyme disease and Babesia until 2016. By that time she had extensive heart, lung and organ damage.


She was in severe pain and completely at the end of my rope until finding stem cell therapy through Infusio that same year. After a two week treatment and a 2 to 3 year recovery, she is mostly able to live my life, with some minor lingering issues.


In 2020 she released her first album since 2009, under the artist name, Saint Joan. Named in honor of Joan of Arc, not only for her fighting spirit, but for her close relationship with God. "In my darkest days, only HE was left." says Saint Joan. "Although I feel I am in remission, it is important for me to keep speaking and singing for those who are still fighting and not being heard. I wrote the song “Seven”, for all patients who are struggling with Lyme disease, and for the seven years it took me to get diagnosed."

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