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a community for Lyme Disease

People can deny facts,

but they can't deny your story.

Image by Peter Gargiulo
Image by Peter Gargiulo


The purpose of I Love The Way You Lyme is to be a safe place and community for those with Lyme disease. We believe community and connecting with others is essential for someone walking the difficult journey of Lyme disease. It is our mission to not only provide community but to also share and support the work of artists, business owners, musicians, photographers, etc. with Lyme disease, as we believe those who use their pain as a platform and pursue their dreams are the ones who will inspire others who are walking a similar journey to do so as well. 

artist & collective

artists & collective

The iltwyl artists & collective initiative supports artists, business owners and creatives of all types with Lyme disease by sharing their story and showcasing their work on the love the way you lyme platform. Our hope in sharing these stories is to encourage those with Lyme to pursue their passion in whatever capacity they are able to.



Samantha Bean is a photographer from Franklin, TN who was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014. Throughout the years she has pursued healing while continuing her passion for storytelling through photography and producing shoots with her husband at their company Visual Reserve.

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Our community is safe place for individuals with Lyme disease. Please be respectful by only requesting to join if you have Lyme disease.

Are you currently healing from Lyme disease & are looking for connection?

You are not alone.

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